Paolo M. Tresoldi

D.O.(It) B.Sc(Ost)

Manual Practitioner


Osteopathy, thanks to the principles on which it is based, can be performed and be beneficial for people of all ages, from the newborns to the elderly. It is a safe non-invasive treatment which can be applied also during pregnancy.

It is effective in treating various disorders such as: headaches, back pain, joint and muscle pain, TMJ dysfunctions, changes in balance, gynecological and digestive disorders, cervicalgia, lumbalgia, sciatic neuropathia, arthritis, discopathy and others.




  • Your first osteopathic session is 90 mins and involves a detailed health history discussion, followed by an osteopathic evaluation and treatment.

  • Following sessions are 60 mins evaluation and treatment.

  • Advice and follow up care is discussed at the end of each session 

  • You will remain clothed throughout. Wearing comfortable clothing is ideal or bring shorts if the lower extremities are to be examined or treated. 

  • All forms are sent to you electronically and are to be filled out prior to showing up for your first session.

  • Please keep in mind that diagnosis codes are deliberately not provided.

  • This practice does not accept insurance. 

  • Payment for sessions is client responsibility and due at time of service.

  • I do provide itemized receipts after each session to submit for reimbursement if desired.


   San Francisco Bay Area 

           Redwood City 



820 East El Camino
Mountain View, CA 94040


Mob: (650)-695-9761

Office: (650)-969-4500



Monday- Friday  

9.00 am - 7.00 pm 


Email is checked intermittently throughout the day.Please allow us up to 24-36 hours for call backs

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